The school runs a variety of extra mural activities. An extra mural timetable is distributed at the beginning of each term. Additional extra murals are offered on the school premises by private teachers on a private basis.

Extra Murals & Sport at PVJS

Sport is one of the most important facets of learning, teaching pupils discipline and self-discipline. Sport plays a vital role in learners’ complete development, and not just their physical development, and as a result should not be under estimated.

Not only can sport be beneficial as exercise, it also helps with motor skills and co-ordination. In this age where children are spending more and more time in front of computers, game consoles and televisions, sport is becoming an fundamental part of the school environment.

While sport is played on a keenly competitive basis at Parkview Junior, great importance is placed on the spirit in which it is played, since enjoyment is as important as good sportsmanship.

Extra-murals form part of our weekly programme as we consider these to be an essential component of education. The focus is on participation rather than competition and all pupils are encouraged to participate.

All extra murals are optional, however we cannot stress enough the importance of incorporating at least one form of activity into each child’s week.

Some extra murals are offered at no extra cost to parents, and some carry a monthly or term fee.

Important Information

  • Extra mural activities start on the 30th of January
  • Aftercare children take part in all activities for their age group
  • Aftercare pupils will be walked to the Senior School when we use their facilities;
  • Grade 2 pupils are expected to attend at least one afternoon activity
  • It is compulsory for Grade 3 pupils to take part on one afternoon activity. We would like them to participate in more
  • Parents are responsible for taking and fetching their children to and from the Senior School
  • Pleasure ensure that your child has the correct shoes for mini-tennis and cricket (takkies)
  • Children must be collected promptly after an extra mural
  • There are no school extra murals for Grade R’s, but they may participate in private extra murals such as ballet, pottery, karate, judo, speech & drama, etc. if they wish to do so
  • Please consult the private extra mural teachers for their starting and ending dates.