Admissions 2025 - Grade 2 and 3

}Please familiarise yourself with the school’s GDE Admissions Policy.
Click here to download it.


2025 Applications – Grades 2 and 3 – WILL OPEN 3RD JUNE


Admissions process 2025

Application forms for 2025 are now available.

Please find important dates below : –

03 June 2024 – Grade 2 and 3 Admissions opens. 

Grade 2 { Please Email / to request an Application Form }
Grade 3 { Please Email / to request an Application Form }

Note: Incomplete forms and missing documents will delay you being placed onto the waiting list.

Note: Completing the Application form does not necessarily mean that the learner has been accepted into the school.

Kindly complete the application form and submit with the following:(All forms and supporting Documents to be submitted at School)


  • Certified copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • Certified copies of ID’s of both parents
  • Legal guardianship paperwork if not biological parent
  • Proof of Home Address:


  •  Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the applicant/parent bearing the full residential address.

Tenants / Renters​​

  • Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the landlord (home owner) bearing the full physical address; And
  • The following documents
    • Lease agreement signed by the landlord and tenant, bearing the full physical residential address; And​
    • Rental payment receipt with full physical residential address not older than 3 months; And
    • Statement of any account in the name of the applicant/parent bearing the full physical residential address not older than 3 months
  • Letter from Employer —if applying with a work address
  • Non-South African citizens — Certified copies of work permit and learners’ study permit
  • Immunisation/Clinic Card –
  • Grade 2-3 latest School Report
  • Transfer card (Grades 2-3) – REQUIRED ONLY ON PLACEMENT

 3rd June – Application forms are to be submitted at the school

  • Submit application forms with supporting documents to the school office.
  • School to issue receipt of acknowledgement.
  • No wait-list number will be issued. Applications will be considered as per the Admissions policy. Please ensure your application form is submitted with the certified copies of the following documents:
  • Certified Unabridged Birth certificate;
  • Proof of both parents’ identity document and the child’s residence or his/ her parents work address;
  • Where the parent is not the natural parent of the child, documentation supporting the parent’s legal relationship with the learner;
  • In the case of admission to a primary school proof that the child has been immunized against polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, and hepatitis B; (GRD R – children will not have had their immunizations required at when they reach 6 years)
  • Where a learner, seeks placement on a waiting list on the basis of a sibling relationship, documentation showing proof of such relationship is required.

If you have any queries please contact our office on or