Centenary Fund

Parkview Junior School and Parkview Senior School celebrated their 100 years of existence in 2017. The Schools fosters excellence in education for children from grade 0 to grade 7. The Schools are mindful that there are children who require additional support / educational enrichment during their primary school years, but may come from families without the financial means to do so. In commemoration of our 100 years, the SGBs of 2017, have created a Fund which is to exist in perpetuity, for the benefit of those children.

The SGBs call on alumni, businesses and the broader Parkview community to make donations to this Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to support children who need a special intervention to develop their potential, for example, extra academic tuition, language or maths lessons, sports uniforms, or psycho social counselling. A few examples from our experience are set out below:

  • Learner A is the child of a neighbourhood domestic worker and consistently has difficulties with mathematical concepts. Her performance would be improved if she attended private maths lessons.
  • Learner B is a great cricketer, and is chosen for the district team. He comes from a disadvantaged family and can’t afford the coaching fees, or the kit.
  • Learner C’s mother passed away in a car accident. She needs grief counselling, but her father can’t afford it.
  • Learner D struggles to hear. A hearing assessment and hearing aids are necessary, but the family don’t know where to turn for help.

The SGBs of both schools will consider applications, and process payments to service providers. The SGB chairpersons will report back each year to their respective AGMs, on the impact of the Fund on learners’ development.

The Bank details follow, please ensure that you use the correct reference to ensure it gets allocated to the Centenary Fund:

Parkview Junior School
Bank details: First National Bank
Branch Code   255805   Craighall
Account No 50332116299
(Reference: Centenary Donation Name)


Please kindly notify us if you would like us to issue you with a Sec 18A certificate for tax purposes.

Thank you, PVS and PVJ SGBs