Welcome to Parkview Junior School

Parkview Junior provides a balanced education programme that caters for the whole learner. The CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Program Standards) system of teaching and learning, with continuous assessment, is followed. For over 100 years, Parkview Junior School has established a tradition of providing quality education to young children. It has embraced the challenges of change, laying the foundation for young children to succeed in a changing world.

The School Vision

Guiding Principles

The following are the school’s guiding principles


A Specialised Foundational School

A small, community-based school, that caters for the needs of 5-10-year olds. We offer Grade R to Grade 3. The school is set up to build a strong foundation for learners to move to the next phase.



The school aims for academic excellence. This is achieved through excellence in teaching, the delivery of specialised learner support to address temporary learning difficulties and the provision of learner extension to engage those learners with academic strengths.



The school encourages children of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds – all the better to learn from each other and to contribute to South African society.


Whole development

The school focuses on the holistic development of learners, including academics, physical development, the values of citizenship, the discovery of each child’s loves and talents, the facilitation of emotional maturity, social skills, social responsibility and the building of future ready skills.



To provide a safe, secure, magical, learner centred (recognising needs and talents) environment which encourages compassion for others. The school team take on and develops the child; a child’s development is not the responsibility of just one educator.


Prepared for the future

The school strives to understand what is required to better prepare young children for the future, and to consider how this should inform the approach to developing the school – and the approach to teaching and learning.

Support Centenary Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to support children who need a special intervention to develop their potential, for example, extra academic tuition, language or maths lessons, sports uniforms, or psycho social counselling.

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Who Are We?

Parkview Junior School is one of a few schools in Gauteng exclusively concerned with teaching children in the Foundation Phase – Grade R to Grade 3.

We provide a small, stable and nurturing environment in which young children from diverse backgrounds can develop with confidence and joy. We focus on the individual and strive to develop creativity, problem-solving skills and a love of learning within each child.

Our school develops the “whole child” enabling each learner to realise his or her potential and unique talents. We provide opportunities both in and out of the classroom for cultural, sporting and environmental activities. the school has both enrichment classes and remedial assistance to cater for the special needs of all children.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing, achieving and maintaining:

  • excellence in education;
  • a safe , secure, structured and nurturing environment;
  • opportunities to develop holistically

We will facilitate a journey of personal development and strive to produce well-balanced, confident and happy young people.

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