Admissions 2025 - Grade 2 and 3

Parkview Junior School has a code of conduct for behaviour to make sure that the school is a safe and happy place to be.

Mission Statement

We, the staff, parents and learners at Parkview Junior Primary School, are committed to providing, achieving and maintaining:

  • excellence in education;
  • a safe, secure, structured and nurturing environment;
  • opportunities to develop holistically.

We will facilitate the journey of personal development and strive to produce well-balanced, confident and happy young people.

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Central Goals

To offer education that:

  • is relevant;
  • is learner-centred;
  • recognises different needs and talents;
  • supports & encourages individuals, teams and participation;
  • encourages compassion and caring for others;
  • encourages decision-making;
  • develops life skills;
  • reinforces honesty and integrity;
  • promotes a healthy interest in sport;
  • reinforces an ethic of personal and social responsibility;
  • recognises and respects religious and cultural differences;
  • promotes respect for human rights.

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Educator Code of Conduct

The educators at Parkview Junior Primary:

  • acknowledge that the attitude, dedication, self-discipline, ideals, training and conduct of the teaching profession determine the quality of education in this country;
  • acknowledge, uphold and promote basic human rights
  • commit themselves to do all within their power, in the exercising of their professional duties, to act in accordance with the ideals of their profession
  • espects the dignity, beliefs and constitutional rights of learners, which includes the right to privacy and confidentiality;
  • acknowledges the uniqueness, individuality, and specific needs of each learner, guiding and encouraging each to realise his or her potentialities;
  • exercises authority with compassion;
  • avoids any form of humiliation, and refrains from any form of abuse, physical or psychological;
  • refrains from improper physical contact with learners;
  • promotes gender equality;
  • recognises the parents as partners in education, and promotes a harmonious relationship with them.

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Learner Code of Conduct

Parkview Junior School has a code of conduct for behaviour to make sure that the school is a safe and happy place to be. At our school we share and care about other people, their belongings, our buildings and our garden.

The Parkview Junior Learner Code of Conduct covers areas such as dress code, safety, school property, classrooms, playground, and more.

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Gender Policy

The following working definition of gender has been developed by Oxfam, and is endorsed by Parkview Junior School:

People are born female or male, but learn to be girls or boys who grow into women and men. They are taught what the appropriate behaviour and attitudes, roles and activities are for them, and how they should relate to other people. This learned behaviour makes up gender identity, and determines gender roles.

Health & Safety Policy

Our aim as a place of work and learning is to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, learners and visitors. We aim to ensure that the work and activities carried out by the school do not adversely affect the health and safety of any person.

In order to achieve our aim we recognise the need for consultation and communication with all staff on health and safety issues. We also recognise the need to seek expert advice, where necessary, in order to determine risks to health and safety. We are committed to providing adequate training and information in respect of health and safety risks to all staff, and require support from everyone to enable the objectives of this policy to be fulfilled.

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Religious Policy

  • In all aspects of the relationship between religion and education, the practice must flow directly from the constitutional values of citizenship, human rights, equality, freedom from discrimination, and freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.
  • Parkview Junior has a responsibility to teach about religion and religions in ways that reflect a profound appreciation of the spiritual, non-material aspects of life, but which are different from the religious education, religious instruction or religious nurture provided by the home, family and religious community.
  • Religion Education should contribute to creating an integrated and informed community that affirms unity in diversity.

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